abAbout us

  •  ALFA saugos tarnyba provides security services for persons and legal entities since 2012. Our security experts have amply work experience in the police, military and security areas. We operate in Vilnius, Kaunas, and Klaipeda.
  • We ensure confidentiality and responsibility. For your full satisfaction, our security experts strictly adhere to the following values:
  • Responsibility.  Our employees foster personal and corporate responsibility. The Company is professional-liability insured – this ensues that liable services are provided to you.
  • Competence. Decisions of our specialists are based on their actual experience and knowledge. They assess the situation, your individual demands and possibilities, and employ the most effective security methods and means. 
  • Politeness Very high communication ethics requirements are imposed to our team, therefore your psychological comfort is guaranteed.
  •  Safety is a fundamental human demand. Entrust your safety to those who are able to ensure it flawlessly.

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